iPee UnderCover - Concealed & Wearable!

iPee UnderCover is our NEW iPee product.

Completely concealed, wearable & refillable - your partner won't see "it's not your pee".

X2 - The only product you can use twice (2X). Each box  Contains 2 Vials of iPee Simulated Urine Powder (makes 4 fl oz ea), 2 heating pads.

- The 4 oz vinyl bladder with easy to read  Tempture Strip and attached 48" elastic waist band is easy to fill / refill using the supplied 2 oz syringe. Mix & fill only takes about 1 min.

Refills are available on this site or at your local store. 

iPee UnderCover - Concealed & Wearable!
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Price $49.95